Saturday, September 10, 2005

I've just come from PJ's after cycling up to Noels, but he wasn't in and I got lost, ending up at PJ's and helping him move some furniture.

I lost my journal and the recording of the Tuesday night warble session, as well as Nessa's minidisc and my bike. I had to get another one off Paddy the knacker and my dreams of podcasting have taken a bit of a bashing. As regards reading, Gilgamesh by Derek Hines is the only bit of poetry I've read recently which got me any way excited, as the word combos he has are brilliant and unusual, not like the same old same as pedestrian stuff we are so used to from the pension plan poets who measure success in latter day mocha coffee cups old TS himself would be proud of. Clones of early moderns who use the words "wonderful" "delightful" and "superb" a lot when log rolling their mates work, which is, for the most part, utter crap.

And this is not just me being bitter about my own impoverished conditions, it's true, have a gander yourself and tell me what passion most 30 something poets have today. They are all teachers and academics with safe existences, whose poetic linegaes are manufactured to plug into Homer.

Rant over.

I'm just pissed off coz IO don't think I'm going to get into college to study internet authoring. I have a course, but because I have a higher qualification than the course I want then the fees might not be paid by the government. Bastards.

I hope to get paypal on here soon so you can donate.


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